Shaurya's lotion smooths your body. It makes you smell great because we have 3 different scents: orange, lavender, and eucalyptus. We hope the lotion will make you feel calm. The lotion comes in several different colors: light lime green, ocean blue, and light purple. Some of the different colors of  lotion were made by mixing different shades of the same color. We’ve added some wondrous natural gemstones to each jar of lotion. These gemstones are beautiful because each treasure is unique! You might find a tiger eye, amethyst, leopardskin jasper, or another incredible gemstone. 


Ingredients: Laguna Moon essential oils, Limino soap colorant, Lubriderm for normal to dry skin 


The lotion comes in a beautiful and sturdy 4 oz. mason jar.


15% of what we earn will go to the homeless!


Shaurya's Treasure Smooth Groove Lotion