Rebel Readers sells various bookmarks including origami bookmarks, scratch bookmarks, cardstock and artsy bookmarks that come in packages of 10 bookmarks for $5.


All the bookmarks are unique and were made by an 8-year old boy with lots of care and kindness.


"You should buy my bookmarks because when I make them I sprinkle them with a dash of magic and love. I made bookmarks for the Chicago Children Business Fair because I like to read and I've always enjoyed making my own personal bookmarks for my family to use. I hope you will like them too and they will make you smile when you use them. Life is better when you are on the right page!"


I have several kinds of bookmarks to sell.

  • First, there are Origami bookmarks using papers of various design (dogs, nature, patterns, art).
  • Second, there are Scratch bookmarks using scratch paper on which I already created designs or written on it to reveal the colors underneath.
  • Third, I have cardstock bookmarks of various colors with handwritten quotes about books or reading.
  • Fourth, I have some artsy bookmarks created using watercolors or marbled designs.
  • Lastly, I have a Mixed pack with bookmarks from all the kinds above.


All the designs are different, unique and were handmade by a 8-year old. When ordering, clients should specify which kind of bookmark they want, otherwise I will pick for them from the several kinds available.


I sell bookmarks only in packages of 10 bookmarks for $5. If you want to purchase more than 50 bookmarks, please contact me for a special price and to make sure I have enough stock or time to prepare them. Each sale will also include for free a few small, magnetic, non-personalized bookmarks.


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Thank you!


$5.00 Regular Price
$2.50Sale Price